Well, it's Tuesday, and that always is a little rough. So why not let me  help with a little schadenfreude.  What's Schadenfreude?  I'm glad you asked, gentle reader!Basically this is a concept in Germany that gives a word to that feeling you get when someone else does something stupid.  You're glad it wasn't you, and it's funny, and you feel a little superior about it.  Since you're hurting back at work on a Monday that's really Tuesday, why not enjoy a little laughter to brighten up the stinker of a day.

I scoured the internet for these, so hopefully you'll enjoy them.

So there are some employees at a British paint sub-contracting company, the Kier Group, who apparently need to go back to school because they misspelled the word "school."   They painted the word outside a top-performing girls’ school in Britain, but it was spelled “S-H-C-H-O-O-L.”   Western Power Distribution issued an apology for the mistake made to the wording outside of the school, which we can only assume was human error.  The worst part is that none of the teachers even noticed it. “Looks fine to me!”   Remember this next time you think someone is smart just because they have a British accent.

Then there's the story of two clothed males, who were arrested after a brawl at a nude beach, because they wouldn't get naked.   About 10 young males went to a nude beach in Arcachon, France, but they kept their clothes on and they wouldn't stop staring at the naked women.  Several nude guys on the beach confronted them, and told them to "get nude or get lost."   A brawl started and French riot police had to come break it up.   Two of the guys in clothes were arrested, but so far no charges have been filed.  If that weren’t crazy enough, police say one guy had a suspicious package.

I found this one, and of course it's from Florida.    43-year-old Florida man, who was arrested for a DUI after he tried to rat out his friend in hopes of the officer letting him go.      During the course of the arrest, the unidentified driver blamed his passenger, saying she was actually the one behind the wheel, and tried to bargain with the officer, promising to turn other people in if the officer would let him go.   He struggled with the field sobriety test, telling the officer he didn’t know the alphabet.  The driver was a repeat DUI offender and his license had been suspended for years.   If I had to guess, I’d say the friend didn’t bail him out.

Melina Roberge, 22, and Isabelle Lagac, 28, whose world cruise came to an end when authorities found $23 million in cocaine in their luggage.  The attractive two women from Canada had been Instagramming their around the world cruise for the past two months.
But, apparently authorities in Australia got tipped off, possibly from the photos, that they may be drug smugglers.  After a check of their luggage, authorities found $23 million worth of cocaine.   Now these world cruisers are up the creek without a paddle and facing life in prison.  A third Canadian, André Tamine, 63, was also arrested.  I feel bad for them, but I feel worse the coke heads in Australia. Because when $23 million worth of coke gets pinched, that drives the cost WAY up. People are gonna be starting Go Fund Mes to do a few lines.   This is why you should say no to drugs, kids.

Anyway, I hope those stories made you feel better.

Schadenfreude-ily yours,