Don't judge me. I have an active mind, I get bored easily. Anyway, the other day I was playing around in Google Maps. I looked at the Satellite View of our good ole Sedville.  It was not unlike that moment when you were a kid and you looked at the clouds, telling your friend what each one looked like.  So here goes, I've got some shapes here, Sedalia.  See if you agree. I hope you enjoy my Super Professional Paint techniques.*

Looks like a normal lake out in the country. Sure.  BUT WHAT IF....

It's a cow?! See, it's got a head, and a tail and utters, and the whole thing! Although, I guess it could be a goat, too.

Perfectly normal parking lot.  Nothing suspicious here.

DOLPHIN.  Bam.  Or maybe a narwhal? Or... a killer whale?

Again, nothing too unusual here. Just a street and some trees.

Unless you use your EYES, and see a candle.

This one might be a stretch.  But I want to believe.

I see a lounging Kermit The Frog, myself. Or maybe just a frog. I want it to be so.

Look at this lovely spot. Nice streets, green grass,  trees.

Yep, that's a coffee cup. It's even got steam and a coaster (gotta keep it tidy).

What do you think? Do you see any different shapes? Let me know what you see in the comments!

Imaginatively Yours,





*I'm terrible at Paint. I'm a little surprised I got it to look somewhat legible.