You probably remember that I've been sick this past week. It's been a rough spot of bother. I think just about everybody knows somebody who had it this go round, or had it themselves. You know how it is, you get a cold and it just sticks with you forever. With me, it started the Friday before Labor Day weekend. I got a really bad cough and it was just constant. I didn't have congestion so much, but I did lose my voice, which SUCKS when your voice is kind of your job. So I've been filling the pockets of the Dayquil people for a good stretch of time.

But one thing I used to help me between shots of grossness were cough drops. Sure, everybody uses em, and some taste worse than others. I've seen strawberry, cherry, honey, lemon, you get it, all kinds of flavors. So of course... CVS has decided to bring the fall favorite flavor - Pumpkin Spice.

So, naturally, I got some, and got my co-workers in on the pumpkiny action... but I didn't tell them what it was beforehand. Here's what Kristin, Derrick and Beau thought.

I admit, I was expecting them to be terrible. But they really weren't! In fact, I went around the building and had almost everyone try one (we did have one who declined to try them). Everybody except one person (who doesn't like pumpkin pie anyway)gave them a thumbs up seal of approval.

So there you have it, Radio Tested, Station Approved. If you like Pumpkin Spice and you've got a tickle in your throat, these might be just the right kind for you.

Have you tried them? WOULD you try them? Is it too early for fall flavors? Let me know what you think!

Spicily yours,

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