For several years now, Justin Lawson has organized this huge local music event: Making the Band. If you don't know about Making the Band, then I'll tell you! It's a way for kids to get together and get creative with music.  They play covers or write new songs, and they learn how to work together. Justin’s a local music teacher here in the Sedalia area. Making the Band culminates in a big concert of all local bands, usually students of his. The genesis of the idea happened after several of the students got together in different incarnations and collaborated. Sometimes they had known each other before, sometimes they hadn’t.  Sometimes the bands even stayed together and kept playing. Either way, it's been a  great, creative way to get kids working together on something new.  And now, Justin and the crew have a few openings for this year's MTB. I got to speak with him about how the kids can get involved in the new season, and what they can expect.

You can you can find them on Facebook if you need more information.  Get involved today and you'll be surprised at what these kids can do!

Rockingly yours,