Last night was one of the first benefits for those of us who were displaced by the big fire at the Mark Twain Apartment complex.  It was held at the St Paul’s Lutheran Church.  

Everyone got an envelope with several gift cards and certificates in it for basic things like food and supplies. They made us a lovely dinner of a potato bar and a salad bar, with taco fixings and all sorts of desserts. They had all sorts of things for us, from soap and towels to sheets, jackets and televisions.

They had several great volunteers. There were several very helpful people around every corner. I felt kinda bad just…. taking all the stuff, but they were very kind and kept encouraging me to take whatever I needed or wanted. They were always right there to ask if you needed another box, or if you wanted anything else.

I took about four boxes worth of stuff – including a toaster oven.   I even, strangely enough, found a bag with one of the birds that I used to have all around my apartment.  So I reigned it in there, I didn’t want to be greedy. Only about seven to eight of the Mark Twain people were there, but I think everyone who came enjoyed getting together again, if nothing else to touch base with each other and chat.

I’m very thankful and grateful for the fine folks at St Paul’s. Thank you all so, so much. I hope everyone comes out to our next fundraiser this weekend, and that everyone who needs any kind of help from the Mark Twain apartments comes out this time.

You deserve the help. And, I’ll feel like a real jackass if you don’t take some help, too.