Unusual BBQ Recipes - Would You Try These?
It's fun to cook outdoors whenever possible. Many of us will be firing up the grill during the long holiday weekend. Here are a few unique items we bet you've never even considered trying to cook on the grill. Would you try them?
Expert BBQ Tips and Tricks From Grate TV's Bill West
With the Jones Bros. Marine Cabin Fever BBQ Contest coming up during the Cabin Fever Sports Show, we thought we'd get some expert advice for those that would like to enter. Bill West with and Grate TV has some pointers for cooks, and especially for those interested …
Support Bar-B-Que Pit Stop
Bar-B-Que Pit Stop had a small fire a few days ago, but they didn't let it stop them. Bar-B-Que Pit Stop IS STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS!
Dickie Doo Bar-B-Que Presents: The Lost 70's Song at 7
The Lost 70's Song at 7 has made a comeback to the morning radio airwaves. Long time listeners of 92.3 BOB-FM will remember the Lost 70's Song at 7 as a staple when Denny Perkins hosted the morning show. It is my pleasure, along with the permission of Denny to sample this great tradition and bring …
9 Hilarious Barbecue Fails for Memorial Day
As Memorial Day opens the gate to summer, we all begin to plan our outdoor activities. Most of us will find a reason to get outside for the long weekend and enjoy food, friends, family and some delicious beverages. And really, it wouldn’t be a summer holiday without some grilling.

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