Top 10 Things About Women That Baffle Men
Either men need to try harder to understand women or women need to try and help us men out to understand them. On second though, I think us men are a lost cause, we will always be confused, sorry ladies!
Top 10 Things About Women That Baffle Men  . . ....
Beauty Secrets Women Don't Want Men to Know About [AUDIO]
Guys know women go through a lot of trouble to look good on a day to day basis, but apparently they don't realize just HOW much trouble. But that's actually how women prefer it. According to a new poll, the average woman hides eight beauty-related habits from her man because she'd rat…
10 Badass Men With Girls Names
If you grow up with a name that can swing either way, you better be able to either take the ridicule or find some way to man up. Well, all of the guys on the list below chose the latter, becoming quintessential badasses in their own realms.
There’s no doubt that at one point or anothe…

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