For the first part of the day, I spend about five hours in the studio to do my morning show, of course.  But then after that, the rest of the magic happens here.

After all, I can't hang out there all day, other people have to use the equipment and go on the air themselves.  And I can't write brilliant blog posts with lots of great insights into the world without the proper environment.  So, I have my own little office back in dark recesses of our building.  Take a look at it!

Enter if you dare.... nah, it's not scary.  I can't even fake that.


I didn't put the stickers up there, that was already there when I took over.

So there you have it! My office, with all of it's embarrassing nerdiness.  If you're looking for me during the day for some reason, I'm probably in here.  You might have to speak up though, I tend to hide behind the monitor with my headphones in.

Have you made any personal touches to your workspace? Do you have any little decorations or things you've added?  Show me a photo!

Officely yours,

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