You might remember back a few months ago, I posted some photos that my friend Jerry had put up on his social media. He is a HUGE football fan and had mowed his lawn to look like a football field.

And while it might not be Pro Football time, it IS High School Football time.  Like I mentioned in the last post, Jerry was a teacher and coach for years, and the love of the game still sticks with him.  And now.... well, he's done it again. But he's taken it a bit further this time, Extra Guy that he is.

Honestly at this point, I have no idea what he's gonna do next. Is he going to mow the Cole Camp Bluebirds into his lawn? That seems like the next logical step, right? Right. It looks good enough to play on, so now all he needs are goalposts.... that might also be coming up next. You never know with a dedicated football fan!

Fanatically yours,

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