I thought it was just me at first. But it seems like everywhere I go in this building, I'm seeing tiny little crickets.  They just kind of lay there most of the time, just lying in wait.  Sometimes I can see them on the carpet, but it's a darker colored carpet so sometimes I don't see them.

But I am seeing them.  I've had confirmation that others are seeing them.

Jennifer Langdon
Jennifer Langdon

I swear, I've seen at least ten in the last week.  And I know I saw at least three today. One of them managed to get inside my studio.  It jumped up on my board! I had to get a flyswatter and deal with it.  I was just glad it didn't jump up and startle me when I was on the air.

One managed to hide in my office for a couple of hours.  I couldn't find him to save my life.  He just kind of croaked from an indiscernible location.

I for one, will not cave in to the cricket infestation.  I will fight their unholy hoards until every one of them are ceased to be.  I will fight back against a whole orchestra of crickets (that is the real term for a group of crickets, by the way.  Thanks, Google!) with my last breath! When I was a kid I had my bedroom in the basement.  I have many a memory of not being able to sleep because I couldn't find and destroy a chirping cricket in or near my room.  I have honed my cricket destroying skills over many years of anger.

*chirp* *chirp*

Here they come.  Wish me luck.
Acheta assimilisingly yours,

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