Seriously, this one is amazing. The Sedalia Animal Shelter is trying to improve the lives of their adoptable doggos. So, they've got a new program where you can spend some time with a pup, and they can get out and have a little fun.  And it's not a huge commitment!  Here's how it works.

The shelter knows that their staff and volunteers do their best to help the floofers get out and have a little fun.  But there's only so much they can do - a little play time, a little walk time, and then... they're just in their little runs. It's just not the same as being in someone's home or out at the park or riding in the car. And after a while, they can kind of.. forget how to be a dog.  You know, the goofy balls of fur and love they deserve to be. They  need a little time out with somebody! They need to be more social with other dogs, kids, people of all ages, really.  That's where you come in.

With Woof Release, volunteers may opt to host a dog for one day, "Day Trip" or an entire weekend, "Weekend Getaway." Each participating pup will depart with all the supplies need to make sure his/her adventure is a success.
Those interested in participating in the SAS Woof Release program just need to fill out an application available here or by visiting the Sedalia Animal Shelter at 2420 S. New York Avenue, Sedalia, Missouri 65301

So you can have a sort of "play date" with the fur babies! You don't have to buy anything, and you aren't under a huge obligation. Just take em out for the day or for the weekend and let them have a little fun! So if you like dogs, but maybe you can't adopt one right now, you can do this instead!  Spend a day or a weekend with a dog and both of you will be happier for it.

Woofingly yours,

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