It's cold, it's dark, and it's weeks until you're off for the holidays.  If you're somehow full of energy right now, you're a damn witch.

A new survey found the top five things that drain our energy.  Maybe I could use some of these to get back in the energetic swing of things, yeah? So what drains your energy? Simple enough stuff, really.

1.  Work.

2.  Worrying and anxiety.

3.  Day-to-day chores.

4.  Your children.

5.  Physical or mental health issues.

Now just because I'm me and I want to know myself, I had to look up the opposite side of the issue. And here are the top five things that BOOST our energy . . .

1.  Coffee.

2.  A power nap.

3.  Drinking water.

4.  Walking outside.

5.  Eating chocolate.

So I guess I had better put some chocolate in a coffee that I made with water and talk a walk outside?  Maybe. What are some of your energy drainers in life?  What do you do to counter act it?

Energetically yours,


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