It started for Husbando on my birthday.I came home from work, and we were supposed to go out for a birthday dinner with my father to a place that rhymes with Bantern Mouse.  But he was just miserable. He lost his voice, he was nauseous, he was tired and achy, he was just miserable.

And he felt even worse about not being able to get me a card on my birthday.  But, it wasn't a big deal, I thought.  It's just, you know, a mansickness.  It happens.  So life carried on per normal and our plans changed.  We went out on Friday and then we were going to go see the new Captain Marvel movie on Saturday afternoon (matinee, so you save a little scratch).

But then I woke up on Saturday and was just miserable.  I didn't have it as bad as he did, but I had it.  One side of my throat hurt so much!  It was almost impossible to swallow anything.  And I tried all the options. I had hot tea, I had hot broth, I tried medicine and cough drops, but all day long I had that sting of pain in my throat.  All day I was tired and groggy and just.... blerg.  I finally gave up, had a shot of the gross stuff that supposed to help you sleep when you have a cold, and went to bed.

And like magic... I was better.  Sunday, I still had a little pang in the side of my throat, but nothing like it was. I actually had some energy back, and could eat again!  I wonder what it is about these twenty four hour bugs...I mean, why come into my life just to make me miserable for one day? If you're gonna get me sick, commit, dangit.

Have you gone through one of these little bugs lately?  What was the worst one you ever had like? What did you do to fight it?

Sickly yours,


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