I'm sure you, like me, have good memories of Easter Egg hunts as a kid.  I remember running around like crazy, laughing with all the kids for the five minutes it took us all to find the eggs at Liberty Park. And when you went back to school, it was always fun to talk to the other kids about what kind of eggs you found or what kind of basket you got, all that good stuff.

I never noticed, year after year, that my friend Heather, who was in a wheelchair, never talked with us about the hunts.  Now, as an adult, I understand.  She couldn't take her wheelchair out on the grass, much less be able to reach down to get eggs.  It's too bad she couldn't have that kind of memory, that particular kind of fun.  She probably could if she had help, but.. it's not the same.

So that's why I think it's so cool that there's a special egg hunt going on (this is actually the second year, but I hadn't heard about it until now).  The New Life Open Bible Church (you know, the one behind the new Smith Cotton) is having a free Easter Egg hunt for those kids and their families.

They'll have a Quiet  Egg Hunt for kids on the Autism Spectrum or processing issues that need things to be quiet. They'll also have a Beeping Egg Hunt for kids who are blind or have an impairment, A Magnetic Egg Hunt for kids in wheelchairs or kids who have trouble with mobility (they even get their own little poles so they can get the eggs themselves!).  And they also have a General Egg Hunt for kids with other kinds of issues, or friends and siblings of of kids who are going on the other egg hunts. That way nobody has to stand and watch, or sit at the sidelines and watch - they can all have fun together! 

It's so nice to think that they'll all get a shot, they'll all get to have some fun, and they'll be able to do it together, which is great, to me.  Kids need to have fun, to be silly, to be with their friends and family and just have a good time.

They're asking that you pre-register, so that they have a chance to be prepared for all the kids.  Sorry, but registration has to be done today if you want a t-shirt to commemorate it.  If you don't need a shirt, though, so ahead and register. Again, it's all free, they basically just need a head count to be sure they have enough eggs, food, and prizes, you dig it.

You can email nlobcsed@gmail or call 660-826-8712 to get your family registered. Just let them how how old your kid is and which hunt they'd like to be in, your name and contact information, you know, the basics.

It's going to be on Saturday April 20th from 3-5 p.m. They'll have a free lunch, games, activities, and of course, the hunts.  I hope it goes wonderfully and that all the kids get to have fun together!

Huntingly yours,


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