We've had some up and down weather lately, and some of it has proven to be dangerous.

I'm sure you've heard about the flooding down by the Warsaw and surrounding areas, and the big storms up in the city.  There have also been flood areas in some of our surrounding farm areas, which is a big problem. We've been lucky in town to just get some rain, but it can't hurt to be prepared for anything, right?  So I went to go check out what the Missouri Department of Public Safety has to say about the situation, and they were able to clear a few misconceptions up.

1.  Tornado sirens are meant to warn people who are outside, not inside. 

I know there's been some debate from folks here and there about whether or not you can hear the sirens from your house, but I think the point they're making here is that it might not be meant for you to hear it inside.

2.  The sirens sound for a few minutes, not until the warning or watch ends.

You probably already know this, but it can't hurt to remind you of that. And don't think that it's always a tornado if you hear the sirens.  If there are certain hail storms or storms with very high winds, you might hear the siren.

3.  Many areas do NOT have sirens.

That's very important, obviously.  So it's very important to have another method of getting notified of severe weather, like a weather radio. They're not expensive, you can get a decent one for about twenty bucks.

You can also watch this helpful video to get some details right.

Either way, stay safe out there, and be sure to be prepared.  Take the sirens and the warnings seriously!

Sirenly yours,

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