You know that it's been pretty off and on the past few months, weather wise. It's just one of those things in Mid-Missouri, isn't it?  Rains in the morning, and then crazy heat waves in the afternoon.

I'm a wuss when it comes to the heat, I have to tell you.  Really, I'm supposed to stay out of the heat as much as possible since I have MS, and the heat can really mess with me.  So over the years, I've accumulated a few tips for when the weather gets too warm.  Maybe you can be prepared before it really gets to us!

Some people like to head out to the pools or get in the water, and that's great.  Even sprinklers or any kind of outdoor water activity can be helpful.  What I've found is the best way, of course, is to stay out of the heat altogether.   This is the course I take, but then, I've mentioned that I'm a big ol' wuss and I don't do well when I'm in the heat.

One thing you definitely need to do is drink water.  You can do is have a little cooler with you with some ice in it, and keep a washcloth or something handy  in the cooler with the ice. Put the cold compress on the back of your neck or on your wrists. Those are key places to help cool you down quickly.

If you can get in the shade, that's a good thing too.  Don't forget to use sunscreen, and wear a hat and sunglasses. Don't wear dark clothing if you can.  Wear light, breathable cottons that are lighter in colors that don't draw the heat in so much.

Don't overexert yourself - take frequent breaks if you're working outside.  If you start to feel weak or extremely tired, then you definitely need to cool down and drink some water.   Don't think drinking soda or alcohol is an acceptable substitute.  Nothing gives you quite what you need in the heat like water.

If all else fails, just stay in the air conditioning, like me!

Stay cool,


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