For me, the stay at home order hasn't been too difficult.  Yeah, I feel a little bad about going to the store sometimes but... I'm going to get a mask soon so then I won't have to.

The girls are generally very active in and out of school.  They're sixteen now, and they're both involved in things like sports, music, clubs, you know what it's like.  But now that they've been out of school and will stay out of school, they've been forced to slow down a bit. Babysitting gigs are gone, so is Jazz band practice, and all of the sports are out of commission.  So we, as the Moreland/Cramer family, are trying new things to entertain ourselves at home.

At Home

How are you changing things up at home?  Trying some new recipes?  Doing some yard work? Catching up on some reading?

Homily yours,

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