As I grow older I think back periodically of the "Good Ol' Days" and wonder how did we survive with so little on the store shelves, and without the internet?

Growing up in the 60's and 70's, we didn't have all the options that are available today. We couldn't go on the internet, scroll through the items that we thought we couldn't do without, order them with the click of a mouse, and find them on our doorstep the next day.

After being outside playing we had to come in to the house and get cleaned up. What I thought was a big deal was washing my hands with my dad's Lava Soap. If you've ever used this bar soap you know it's designed for men to get those grimy, works hands clean.

I remember my dad also having a bottle of Cornhusker's Lotion. This was for a guy's hands when they were dry, and the skin was cracked. I really don't know how well it worked but just the name impressed me at eight years old.

And what about that smell that still takes you back to after your dad shaved. A whiff of Old Spice shaving lotion/aftershave will definitely send you back down memory lane to what was a simpler time.

I imagine there were many other products that were available for the cleaning of your hands and to splash on to cool the irritation after shaving, but none will stir the memories of a young boy growing up with his dad.

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