I watch a lot of Food Network, and it always seems like these cooking show hosts have this endless supply of fresh green stuff on hand at all times. Since Trisha Yearwood has become my spirit animal, I thought maybe I could try to be a little better at having some fresh stuff of my own.  And it's springtime, so of course my mind is wandering to the out of doors. Maybe even I can just wander out to my back yard with a pair of garden scissors and cut off some fresh thingajig to put in my dinner on a whim.  It might even make me a better cook, who knows!

Then, of course, you gotta wonder - what should we try to grow? In times past, Husbando has had a little mini garden in our yard.  We grew onions and tomatoes, some onions, nothing major.  But he also grew stuff like marjoram and sage, which, honestly, I don't think we've ever used.  We dried it, put it in a baggie and stuck it in the fridge to live there forever. So I want to be sure that if we're going to do the bother of planting, it's something we'll definitely USE, you know?

I got a small freezer, guys. That's valuable real estate.  Toaster Strudels need room.

Here's the situation at hand:

We have about eight of these things, or similar things. I want to fill each one with a fresh herb or a simple veggie. I'm thinking maybe stuff like parsley, cilantro, chives, green onions, you know, stuff like that. So what would you suggest? Is there an herb you like to grow or have on hand? I guess it doesn't have to be all cooking stuff, maybe there's something else you like to grow and use, like maybe aloe or... can you grow catnip? Is that a thing? Anyway.  Suggest away! Maybe you'll broaden my horizons and we'll try something  new!

Herbaciously yours,