When I was a kid, I tried not to get into trouble.  My sister was pretty rebellious, and she was a few years older than me - I saw it wasn't doing much for her, so I didn't make waves.I tried my best to behave, get good grades, and be helpful around the house.  But, I wasn't perfect, of course.  And sometimes if I said something my Mom didn't like, well, I got the soap.


And IF I remember rightly, it was Lava brand soap.  The green stuff that your Dad would keep under the sink in case he was working in grease or something.  I don't know if I'm remembering that all correctly or if I'm re-writing history in my memory to fit in with "The Christmas Story".

I don't think I am, though - because I remember the Lava soap as green - and if I'm right, Ralphie has got a mouthful of Lifeboy there.   Anyway, sometimes my Grandmother would make me take Cod Liver Oil if she felt like I wasn't healthy enough, and sometimes if I sassed over at my other Grandmother's house, I had to get extra broccoli.

What about you guys?  Did you get any kind of punishment as a kid with food?

Soaply yours,


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