As you probably know by now, I do a lot of scouring of the internetzz.It makes me totally cool.  Or something like that.  I have to for my job, really. So my internet history is probably pretty strange, because I'm always looking for stuff to write about here that is, you know, Sedalia related.  Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed.  But on this occasion I found something that's... just a little strange.  But not in a bad way! It's actually pretty cute.  Check this out.

I have many questions. I tried to find a translation for what this is English, and it appears to be something like "best popcorn", but I couldn't figure out where the Sedalia comes from.  I have managed to figure out that they're in Malaysia, and I tried to do the whole Google Translate thing to figure out if "Sedalia" means anything in Malay, but I got a goose egg on that one.

It appears to be a pair of siblings eating flavored popcorn with their chopsticks.  Is that your Mom calling for you in the background?  Better answer her, you're gonna get in trouble.  Well, they certainly seem to be enjoying their snack. I learned (long story) that in many Eastern cultures it's considered polite to smack your lips when you're eating something, because it shows you enjoy and appreciate the food.  It must be good popcorn!

But.. why Sedalia?  And it's capitalized, too. Is it a brand? Is it a spice?  Is it a method for making the popcorn? Is it the name of the corn or something? I couldn't find anything that gave me any answers. This wasn't that long ago - the day after Christmas last year, I think - maybe we can find out together.

What do you think? What's the Sedalia connection?  Does anyone speak Malay? Maybe you can translate for me.

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