There's a chain on social media where people are talking about the "little things" that make them "irrationally angry." And let me just say, when it comes to being minor annoyances, WE ARE NOT A DIVIDED COUNTRY.

Now, before I start this, I will make it clear: I know I have a good life. I live in a first world country, I still have supportive family, I have a decent job, I am in good (ish) health, and I own my own home. I know I'm lucky, and I know I've got it good.

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Having said that. You know sometimes you just.... see or hear something that just grinds your gears? You know it's not REALLY important, but... still. That's what we're talking about here. That stuff.

Here are some of best ones from their list, in my opinion:

1. When the motion sensor on a paper towel dispenser doesn't work. Why does this always, always happen in the worst little Mobil station at like, six in the morning?

2. When people speed up when you signal a lane change. You saw me.

3. People who B.S. an answer instead of admitting they don't know something. You aren't proving you're a genius. You're proving you're a jackass.

4. Headphone cords getting snagged and yanking you AND what it's caught on. That might be a bit specific to me.

5. Social media "pranks" that are just people wasting food.

6. Someone who won't text . . . who calls . . . and leaves a vague voicemail, like saying, "Call me back, I need to talk to you about something." JUST TELL ME.

7. Or . . . getting texted "Can I ask you a question?" Please, just ask the question. It's annoying when you have to say "yes," and then wait on the eventual question. Which might not happen for like, three hours! I need to know!!

10. People who don't return their shopping carts at grocery stores.

11. When you take a bite of a sandwich and all the fixings slip out the back.

12. When people talk in baby voices. Now I will note, there are exceptions to this. It is acceptable to use a baby voice to a kid under the age of two or a pet. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I don't baby talk NJ's huskies, because I do. But that twenty eight year old woman pouting and baby talking her thirty two year old boyfriend Right In Front Of My Salad?! NO.

Admittedly, it's not the end of the world, any of it. None of it is going to single handedly ruin my day. But you know that feeling. That feeling where you just... you know.

What are some of yours? Are some of them on the list?

Annoyingly yours,

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