Christmas Day may be behind us, but it's time to look at when do you decide to take down the Christmas decorations, whether they are inside or outside.

I have traditionally taken Christmas decorations down the weekend after New Year's Day. I am hoping to follow suit again this year.

However, I recognize that many of your have various traditions. Some of my friends, including my mother, remind you that you shouldn't take decorations down until after the 12-days of Christmas or the Ephiphany, which this year is Jan. 6, 2015.

I have other friends, such as Mary Walters, who take the decorations down the day after Christmas.

There are some who celebrate Christmas at different times and may leave it up until Jan. 1, but take it down, before the college bowl games start or sometimes during the game.

There is obviously not a concrete date to take down the Christmas decorations, but whether they're up or down, I hope each of you enjoyed Christmas and are ready for 2015 to be here.