I don't know if it's a Midwestern thing or a Sedalia thing, but man, everybody seems to have some very strong opinions about this stuff. 

I have my favorites, of course.  I know that you probably have yours, too.  I haven't tried every one in town, obviously.  But I have made my own, which is pretty good sometimes.  But really, I could probably buy a gallon of whatever Mazzio's does with theirs and be happy.  I hear that Kehde's has a very good one, and people tell me about the Jimmy John's ranch, too.  But I guess everyone has their own opinions on it.

We can't just Not Answer this question. My midwesternness will not allow it! why don't you tell us which ones you like the best, we'll narrow the votes down to about five or so, and then we'll have an Official Taste Test.  We can even have a Ranch Wrangler, or a  Ranch Supervisor or something to keep us fair.

Comment and tell me which ones you like best!

Ranchly yours,


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