All of us have something a little different for our Thanksgiving dinners. According to a new survey, 92% of us plan on serving TURKEY on Thanksgiving . . . 76% will serve pumpkin pie . . . and 10% will serve something unique to their culture . . . like pasta, tamales, or pierogies.

Pillsbury just released the results of a new survey on what people plan on serving this Thanksgiving.  Here are the not-very-surprising results . . .

92% will serve turkey.

76% will serve pumpkin pie.  And about two-thirds of those will be store bought.

75% will have either rolls or other bread.

70% will serve green beans . . . but mostly in a casserole.

63% will serve corn.

56% will serve apple pie.

43% will serve pecan pie.

And 10% will serve something unique to their culture, like pasta, tamales, or pierogies.  I don't know if anybody will do this one, though:

This Saturday, the Zucker Bakery in Manhattan, New York is introducing a THANKSGIVING DONUT.  It LOOKS like an innocent jelly donut.  But it's actually a pumpkin-flavored donut stuffed with turkey, cranberry sauce, and GRAVY.

There's also one that's a sweet potato donut with toasted marshmallow filling.  Which sounds MUCH less vile.  Well now that I think about it, they both sound disgusting.  But I'd still like to try one, I guess.

What about you?  What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?  Have you tried something a little different to shake it up this Turkey Day, or do you like to stick to the classics?

Foodily yours,



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