It's getting to be springtime, and the weather is changing every day. And as we all know, that can be rough on our roads and highways. Everybody is aware of that, and you're especially aware of it if you've hit a pothole.

Sometimes it's not very serious, but there are other occasions where a pothole can cause some very real and very expensive damage to your car.  So what can you do?

First of all, document everything.  If you can, take pictures of the hole, of your vehicle, the surrounding area where it is, anything you can think of. Get a few quotes on damage repair and keep the paperwork. You'll also need to submit your claim to MODOT if it's on a highway or a state road. If you're on a city road, you have to contact the Sedalia Street Department.

Now, having said all that, you may or may not actually get any compensation for these incidents.  The reasoning behind it is, the state can't be held responsible for the damage a pothole can cause if they don't know about the pothole. Claims are filed in the hundreds every year, and usually people who get paid are in the area of less than ten. So it's a long shot, but it might at least make you feel better about the situation.

Also having said all that, you can definitely report any state potholes or road concerns here, and if you need to report a situation on a city street, you should definitely reach out to the link above for the street department.

Here's hoping you never encounter a pothole, and that it never does any damage to any of your vehicles.

Potholily yours,