If you're like me, you're in your mid-thirties, chubby and not that hep to the latest trend.  But, if you're also like me, you're a person who loves a little friendly competition - particularly when it's not too arduous.   But if it's mentally challenging, then boy howdy, I'm there. The Sedalia Kiwanis wanna challenge you with their Trivia Night coming up on the 28th of July.I don't get too many things right in life, but when I do get them right, it's usually something like Thundercats or President Taft trivia.  This is where I excel, and so you should come out and enjoy some fun, too.

The Sedalia Kiwanis Club Trivia Night is on Saturday, July 28th It’ll be held at County Distributing.   The Kiwanis Trivia Night is open to teams from two to eight members and the Sedalia Kiwanis Club is asking service clubs, schools, churches and families to come and test your knowledge.  Get together with some friends or maybe get a group from work together and have some fun!

Have a look at some of the categories:

Books and Literature Trivia
Comics and Cartoon Trivia
Disney Trivia
Famous Movies Quotes Trivia
Famous Product Slogans Trivia
Misc. Trivia

TThe entry fee is $10 per person and funds raised at the event will be used to fund the William Schien Kiwanis Scholarship program. There will be a prize for the top team as well as free refreshments and more. To enter your team for the Kiwanis Trivia Night call Bob Milner at 660-473-1270. bobmilner@sbcglobal.net.  But the big deal is the Gift Card Boards they'll have up.  You can get the chance to win a board of gift certificates worth over $800 from local businesses. That's huge! And, you can bring your own drinks (as long as they're Budwieser/InBev products).

Trivially yours,

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