First of all,  I apologize for my terrible camera work.  I'm not a photographer. So you probably can't see it that well, but there is a white sneaker on the road right outside of the John Deere next to us here at the station. It's been there a few days, at least.  When I first saw it in the pitch dark, I thought it was an animal or something.  But no, it's a sneaker.

Just in the road.

No companion shoe.  Just the one.

I wonder how it got there.  Did it fall off of a truck?  Why was it in the back of a truck? Why wasn't it in a box or something, if you were going to move? What happened when you got to your destination and saw you were missing a shoe? How on earth did it fly out of there, there's no potholes there.

OR.. Did someone throw it?! Was there a shoe related argument as you were driving by our station? Did you just get tired of having two shoes on and just threw it out the window?

OR.  Was it someone walking by? Did they see someone they don't like, and tried to hit their car with their shoe?  Did you encounter a possum or something and threw your shoe at it? Did you really go all the way home with one shoe?  Didn't that get your sock wet?

I don't think I'll ever have the answers.  I guess it'll just remain a mystery.

Shoeingly yours,


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